Latafilms is an innovative and cutting edge media company working with storytelling talents to create compelling films and audiovisual content. Latafilms specializes in strategic media campaigns raising our clients global profile to create awareness on socially conscious issues and the environment, through strategic media partnerships.

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Latafilms campaigns create awareness, drive audience behavior, shape public opinion and policies toward an idea or an action. The platform we offer, video and editorial, is a means to shape global perceptions for a change in culture.

Latafilms media campaigns provide clients and NGOs with high-impact media and stories that can be shared on social media or portrayed in news channels.


Design a strategy for the target audience and a system where emotions can turn into actions.

Online Films

Short powerful films that transmit emotions and tell universal stories that audiences can empathize with.

Amplify Voices

Share valuable knowledge and best practices to protect minorities and learn from the ancient wisdom of storytelling.

Social media

Produce stories that are shareable and can reach new audiences.

International Award Winning Talents

We work with the best storytellers from the film industry to produce engaging high quality content .

Links to Media News

Create partnerships with Media News channels to multiply your message and reach a broader audience.

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